Water Filter and Softener Rentals

Water Filter and Softener Rentals

Rental Water Filters and Water Softeners in Johnson City Bristol Kingsport TN

Is something holding you back from improving the water quality in your home or office?

Some people think a water filter or softener is expensive, some don’t know how much it costs, and of course most don’t even realize they need it. Let’s dispel some of these notions….

  • First, water softening can often save money for the average family, especially those of four or more. Interested yet?
  • Let’s expand – the detergents, soaps, shampoos and cleaners you use every day cost money. With softened water, you use less, saving you cash!
  • Soft water also extends the life of your major appliances. Have you priced water heaters lately? The average water heater cost (with installation) is typically between $1,000 to $3,000 according to a major big box retailer. This alone can pay for your water softening system! Now factor in the cost of replacing coffee machines, ice making refrigerators, and other water using appliances and we could be on of the best money saving investments you make all year!
  • In addition to cost savings on equipment, the benefit to your health is priceless.

We understand some people just can’t buy a water filter, water softener or reverse osmosis water purifier unit for various reasons.

The two main reasons people don’t purchase these units is because they rent, or they don’t have the cash on hand to purchase. Mountain View Pure Water wants everyone to have the best water available, so we are proud to offer rental softeners and purifiers! There are benefits of renting from us: all maintenance is included with your rental agreement, you never have to worry about service – we replace filters for free on a scheduled basis. It’s really easy, we do all the work, and you enjoy the best water of your life!

So, how do I rent a water filter, water softener, or reverse osmosis drinking water system?

Glad you asked! We make it real easy.



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