Bottled Water v Reverse Osmosis

Bottled Water v Reverse Osmosis


Everyone is familiar with bottled water, but Reverse Osmosis, what is it? You have heard the term (and many assume it is expensive.)

Before we talk about Reverse Osmosis being the answer, let’s ask the right question. Have you stopped for a minute and wondered “How much money have I spent on bottled water and why do I buy it?” The average case of water costs $4 and an average family of 4 will consume that in 5 days. Per year, that equals around 75 cases at $300. Plus, that puts over 1800 empty plastic bottles in the landfill. Think about this, every one of those bottles had to be placed in a shopping cart, lugged in to your house, and carried to the garbage before they sit decomposing in a landfill for 400 – 500 years. But wait, there’s more! Thus far, we have only satisfied your thirst. You also cook, brew coffee and other drinks, fill humidifiers and more with tap water.


Now, on to a more important point – what’s in that bottled water?

Ask yourself “What led me to believe that the water in that bottle is better than what comes out of your faucet?” Did you know that the quality standards for bottled water manufacturers are actually LOWER than the ones for municipalities that provide your water? Shocking, right? You may be under the impression because you purchased a bottle of water, it may be a higher quality than what comes to your home and out of your faucets. The reality is that bottled water does not have to be free of bacteria or other organic contaminants for them to sell it to you. Back to your faucet – many of these are actually removed by your local water utility!


Let’s get to the real reason you buy bottled water – tap water smells and doesn’t taste good, right?

Most people would agree that we like to eat and drink things based on how they smell and taste. Tap water doesn’t excite too many people. Have you ever filled your cup with pool water and enjoyed the flavor and aroma? We didn’t think so!  You want the water that comes into to your home to be great smelling and tasting clean drinkable water. What has to be done? The best answer is reverse osmosis. Why? Put simply, you are in control of the water purification process when you make the decision to put a reverse osmosis water purification system in your home or office. We all like to be in control, and we all like to have peace of mind on what we are putting in our bodies. Reverse Osmosis produces pure water and is superior in taste, quality and healthiness to bottled or tap water. Second, get your workout at the gym, stop lugging those cases of water around! Having pure water right at your sink or refrigerator is a convenient upgrade. Also, with reverse osmosis, you never run out (or have to run out to get more!) Imagine how much better your drinking water, coffee and tea will taste without the contaminants in it from bottled water, or the chlorine from tap water… Excited?


Here’s the BEST part: Reverse Osmosis is NOT EXPENSIVE!

For about a dollar a day, you will enjoy the benefits (flavor, health, convenience) of pure water. How is this possible, you ask? We rent systems for $30/month! We do all the work, you just enjoy the water. By the time you factor in the costs of acquiring bottled water, you will actually save money with a reverse osmosis water filtration system from Mountain View Pure Water. Systems are also available for purchase. Whichever solution works better for you and your family, we are here to serve you.

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