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Worry Free Water Testing Johnson City TNWorry Free Water Purification.

Ok, what does that mean? Many people have been dragged through the process of buying an expensive water system only to be left holding the ball when something breaks. Others have been burned by multi-year rental contracts they can’t get out of when they no longer need a unit. More common, many people just stop using their system because it needs service or maintenance they just can’t afford or don’t have time to do themselves.



So… What takes the sparkle out of water purification? 

You get a new system, the water is great and you are very happy with your new purchase. Then, the honeymoon ends. The water starts to smell, a new noise is coming from the unit, or, why is there no water in my faucet and my floor is flooded? Are you ready, capable, or otherwise prepared to deal with these issues? Why should you? Isn’t that the job of the company that sold or rented you your system. If not, it should be. Unfortunately, if you bought your system online or off a retail shelf, you are the service department! This is one of the greatest problems with generic “off the shelf” water treatment systems – they are disposable and built to lower standards, and the average 3 year warranty is a testament to this. Most customers, faced with a repair


situation, end up just purchasing another unit. Because of the perceived difficulties of ownership, many folks decide to rent a system. What could go wrong, right? Often, companies rent the lowest quality systems that waste water and dump a lot of salt into the environment. Then, they lock you in to a long term contract with penalties for breaking it before the term is up. Imagine you rented a condominium and rented a water  system, problem is, what if you get a transfer with work to another town, and your new home already has a system? You give it back right? Not exactly…. Often, you are stuck in a contract with unfriendly terms and are left paying the bill to term.



Take the worry out of water purification in the Tri-Cities TN area

Now… How do you get that “Worry Free Water Purification” we mentioned?

3 things – Better Systems, Better Terms, Better Service!

  1. Better Systems – We sell, rent, service and support “Made In The USA” water softeners, reverse osmosis, and other water purification systems by Hague Quality Water. When you start with quality, everything else is easier and more worry free.
  2. Better Terms – We will happily sell you a high quality system, or make it easy to rent one. We offer Cancelable Agreements with our rental contracts. Plus, you earn equity towards owning your equipment. 50% of every payment can be applied towards the eventual purchase of your equipment if you choose to do so.
  3. Better Service – First, we don’t disappear after you buy or rent a water purification or softening system from us. We are local, and only a phone call away for any needs you may have. We can answer many of your questions over the phone, making onsite service calls a rare occurrence. However, if needed, we will happily come out to your home or office to take care of your needs promptly.

You Can Take Action Now to get Worry Free Water Purification!

If you are ready to take the worry out of your water, the solution is calling us at Mountain View Pure Water – (423) 218-9361 or Contact Us Online

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