What is the true cost of Water Treatment?

Water Treatment is expensive, right?

cost-of-water-filtration-softening-and-treatmentLet’s examine that question with some facts and figures about the true cost of water treatment.

Based on a water hardness of 10 grains per gallon (similar to the average reading in Church Hill, TN, for example), the average family of 4 will save an average of $85/mo with softened water. How are these savings achieved? This number is arrived at by taking into consideration the amount of soap products, cleaning products, and bottled water purchased. Other factors include decreased wear and tear on plumbing, appliances, and clothing. SO, how does this break down? By putting your own numbers into the worksheet at the bottom of this article, you can figure out what your possible monthly savings could be.

In reality, NOT Treating your water will cost you!

Cost isn’t just about price. With hard water, you miss out on creature comforts like luxuriously soft water, softer skin, and manageable hair. Hard water also robs you of spotless dishes and causes you extra work to clean your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Stop the insanity! With a water conditioning system from Mountain View Pure Water, you are going to save money by using less soaps, shampoos, cleaners and detergents. Most importantly though, your valuable time won’t be wasted scrubbing hard water stains and deposits, or calling the plumber to replace a heating element in your water heater!

affordable-water-treatment-tricities-tn“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure” – Ben Franklin

Many poisonous chemicals and pharmaceuticals remain in reclaimed city water. Your health may be improved if you take these out of your water before you use it. There are literally 10’s of 1,000’s of chemicals that could be in your water that have not even been tested for interactions with human health. What you don’t know is in your water could be causing you harm with every shower, bath, handwashing, pot of soup or cup of coffee.

Prevention is key, and many diseases and ailment are linked to what you ingest into your body, through your mouth, nose, or skin. Do you feel that taking out pesticides, herbicides, carcinogens, radioactive chemicals , and other toxins might just improve your health and reduce long term treatment costs? Yeah, that’s kind of a stupid question…. of course it will!

So, How much does it really cost to invest in water treatment to improve my water quality?

The next step is to schedule a Free Water Test. We will show you some of the water properties that are present now in your home or office and discuss water treatment solutions that meet your needs and budget. Schedule Online or Call Us Today at (423) 218-9361





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