Chlorinated Water – You Are Probably Drinking It…

Chlorinated Water – Yuck!

Chlorinated Water Tri Cities Appalachian HighlandsThe Pool. Can you smell the chlorinated water? Can you feel the itch of your skin after swimming? Ever taken an accidental sip (or swallow) of pool water? How did that work out for you?

Your Tap Water. Can you smell the chlorine? Can you feel the itch of your skin after washing your hands? How does it taste? Remind you of the pool?

The recommended chlorine level for a community pool is 3-5 parts per million (ppm). Many homes we have tested here in the Tri-Cities TN/VA area have tested at 3-4 ppm!

Chlorine can cause many issues – such as removing the natural oils from your skin that can cause dryness, itching, irritation, lines and wrinkles. For the hair, this chemical can cause weakness and brittleness that makes hair more susceptible to damage and breakage, and cause it to be limp and lifeless as well. Chlorine may contribute to premature aging, and even contribute to cancer.  Some studies show that chlorine promotes free radicals, and that drinking chlorinated water may contribute to cancer in the bladder, bowels and breasts, and even malignant melanomas.

Ready to get that chlorine out of your system? We thought so. It’s actually easy, and we are here to help.

First, a disclaimer about Chlorine. Why is it even present in municipal water systems? Your city adds chlorine to kill things in the water. Now, do you want to drink things that will kill you? Of course not. So, again why is it city water? They have to add something to kill micro-organisms so that we do not get sick. This is as all well and good if you remove that chlorine after it gets to your home, but before you drink, cook, wash or bathe with it. In effect, chlorine is a necessary evil, but it has its place.

How do you get rid of Chlorine? It can easily be removed with high quality carbon filtration. Our systems remove the chlorine from your water, leaving you with soft, pure, chlorine free water. Imagine the improvement in your hair, skin, and nails! Also, your coffee and tea will taste better, and you will be able to enjoy plain, pure water again. Not to mention your clothes and bedding will be cleaner, softer and free of harsh chemicals. Sound like a win? You bet it is!

Free Water Testing TriCities TN VAContact us today for a Free Water Test and determine the chlorine level (and other heavy metal and noxious compounds) in your home. We will educate you on your options and free you from the bonds of chlorine!

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