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Air Purification – Killing “What’s That Smell?”

Bad Smell Or Odor In House

Air Purification is an important topic these days. We all breathe air, but how good is yours? Just like unpurified water, the air we breathe may contain harmful, or at the very least, irritating, particles and contaminants.  Ewww! Who wants that?

There are obvious and hidden issues to address when you consider air quality. That cat box, last night’s dinner, or laundry basket funk can drive you out of a room fast, right? These are obvious. However, many unseen contaminants can do even more damage, like viruses and other small micron sized particles. many folks will spray a scented chemical or get a better air filter for their HVAC system, and that does the trick, right? No,  the difference between air masking, air filters and air purifiers is huge. Air Maskers hide the odor, typically with a stronger chemical, which can many times be even more offensive than the original odor, and have irritating side effects. Air Filters are only capable of removing airborne contaminants such as; dust, debris, dander, and other large particulates.

So, what is the real solution for those funky smells and unwanted micro-guests in your home?

Air Purification is the process of breaking down odors, VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), Mold and Mildew Spores, Bacteria, and Viruses and removing them from your breathable air. How does that happen? Photocatalytic Oxidation, similar to what happens in Nature when these items are exposed to the Sun’s Ultraviolet Light and other elements outdoors, is the key to air purification. Combined with active radiant catalysis (ARC), activated oxygen, and ionization, our air purification products will give what you are looking for – fresh, clean, breathable air!


So now what? You want better air, what’s next? Purify it! Let’s get started. Click the Button, buy the device that fits your space, and start breathing better. Have questions? Call us at 423-218-9361

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