Toxic Water in YOUR Home?

Toxic Water in YOUR Home?

The water tried to kill us

Do you have toxic water in your home?

Are you bathing in carcinogens? Does your morning coffee have commercial pesticides in it? Are you taking prescription drugs when you have a glass of water? Chances are (about 100%) if you are on municipal water there will be some level of toxic, or at least questionable, items in your water…..

roundup-lawsuitsSO… what’s in your water?

One item in the news recently affecting your water quality is Glyphosate, the pesticide chemical in Roundup. This chemical is suspected to be a possible carcinogen, and there is no shortage of Multi-Billion dollar lawsuits out there. Are you thirsty yet?

Did you take someone else’s meds today?

Yep, you probably did. Municipal water systems can’t or don’t remove all of the pharmaceuticals dumped by careless people into the sewer system. Are you mad yet?

Do you drink harsh chemicals?

Yes, you likely do. Harsh chemicals, many of which may be toxic or carcinogens, like Chlorine, Arsenic, Barium, Fluoride, Hexavalent Chromium (think Erin Brockovich), Radium, Cadmium, Lead and other harmful chemicals are added intentionally or purposely not removed from city water. Ready to call a lawyer yet? Are you angry yet?

Isn’t municipal water safe?

Many water distribution systems may have aging pipes, leading to contaminants and even sewage “getting through the cracks”. Plus, buildup in the lines over the years’ is a main reason why chlorine is added to the water. It kills living organisms. You are a living organism… are you concerned yet?

We could go on and on and on, but let’s roundup this post.

Everything harmful that may exist in your water system can be removed with over 98% efficiency with a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Treatment System. Yes, it’s that simple. Are you ready to have better water yet?

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