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We want to help empower our region with info on what exactly is (or isn’t) in their drinking water, the associated risks if any bacteria or contaminants are present, and the water filtration options to best suit their needs.
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We are local water experts based in Johnson City, TN – from Wytheville to Knoxville and everywhere in between, we know the water.

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Did You Know?

The EWG compiled over 28 million water records from water utilities in all 50 states collectively service over 280 million people. Here's What They found...


Water systems with contaminants linked to cancer


Americans drinking Hexavalent Chromium 
(the 'Erin Brockovich' chemical)


Americans drinking unsafe amounts of Nitrate, a fertilizer chemical


Municipal systems containing lead at potentially harmful levels for children


Contaminants The Government Hasn't Even Set Limits On Whatsoever! 😮

Most Americans Tend to Take Water Purity For Granted...

Many, if they stop to consider their water quality at all, think “The water’s clear. I live in the USA & we’re protected by all these laws.” 

While it’s unlikely someone will get sick from drinking unfiltered tap water in the short term (though it can happen if microbes are present), the main concern is long-term exposure to contaminants that are known to build up in your system over time and cause chronic conditions like thyroid disease, cancer, and neurological disorders.

  • In many cases, the levels of contaminants that regulations allow are significantly higher than what current research suggests is safe.
  • ​Many tens of thousands of Drinking Water Safety Regulations violations are reported every year.
  • Aging pipes & infrastructure across the US are leaching lead and copper into tap water after it leaves the treatment facility
  • The EPA’s outdated list doesn’t even come close to regulating all the contaminants found in our drinking water today.
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