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Home And Office Odor Removal Solutions

No one wants to live or work in an environment with foul odors or constant murkiness. We understand the science behind odor particles and how they can become absorbed into fixtures, structures, walls, furniture, and numerous other materials. Our odor removal services provide on-site treatment for your home or office and eliminate odors, leaving a clean and fresh smelling property for everyone to enjoy.

Indoor Air Quality Products

We know that when it comes to maintaining a high quality of living, your air quality is crucial to making that a reality. Dust, mold, mildew, pollen, and even bacteria are blowing through the air everywhere. When left unchecked, these allergens can impact the health and comfort of your family. We work hard to ensure our customers in the Johnson City area experience clean, filtered air, at an affordable price

Safe Home Cleaning Products

Indoor air pollution is one of the top five highest-ranking environmental health problems in America, with chemical levels up to 70 times higher than outside. Much of this exposure comes from the things we use in everyday life, such as common cleaning products. The good news is that you can help reduce the number of harmful chemicals in your home by using products with fewer harmful chemicals.

InDuct Air Purification

An air purifier installed in the ductwork of your central air system and is quite effective at reducing airborne odors, toxic chemical vapors, germs, and mold. Every time your system runs, the air in your home is purified, removing potentially harmful contaminants from every room of your home. The resulting clean air is then distributed via your heating and cooling system’s duct-work to your entire home.

Payment Plans at 0% Interest Available

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