Pura-Tech Compact Water Softener

Big Water Treatment Performance In Half The Space

The Pura-Tech is efficient technology in a compact design, designed as a wider single cabinet in order to fit in small spaces. It may be compact, but Pura-Tech consistently outperforms many conventional water softeners, removing  32,500 grains of hardness removal with each regeneration cycle.

Pura-Tech holds the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal

We believe Pura-tech is the best compact water softener due to its ability to deliver high performance solutions in a small space, all while being efficient and environmentally friendly with its built-in salt and water-saving features.

pure-tech water softener

Other Pura-Tech Features:

  • Convenient, easy-fill salt cabinet
  • Whisper quiet valve
  • Safety shut-off prevents overflow in the event of a malfunction
  • Operates in demand mode, regenerating only when needed
  • Brine tank and softening tanks in one space-saving unit
  • LCD display
  • Easy programming
  • Turboflo indicator
  • Power outage protection

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