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Microbial contamination of indoor air and surfaces represent a major public health problem and a potential source for sick building syndrome. Certain species of molds, bacteria, and viruses may cause health concerns in homes, schools, offices, and healthcare facilities. In addition to being unattractive to see and smell, molds also give off spores and mycotoxins that cause irritation, allergic reactions, or diseases in immunocompromised individuals. pureAir HVAC inactivates these pathogens. In addition, it reduces odors and destroys volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

pureAir HVAC is designed to improve indoor air quality by dealing with pollutants in a proactive way. pureAir HVAC is installed into the duct system and provides aggressive ionized oxidizers that are distributed throughout the home or office.Unlike Germicidal UV Lamps which only disinfect those microorganisms traveling through the duct, pureAir HVAC produces purification which travels throughout the indoor environment, disinfecting and reducing odors in the air and on surfaces.

pureAir HVAC is a cost-effective means for significantly reducing environmental microorganisms and pathogens such as Bacillus globigii, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Stachybotrys chartarum, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus pneumonia, Listeria monocytogenes. These pathogens are effectively destroyed in the air and on surfaces. While pureAir HVAC is very aggressive in destroying pollutants, it is entirely safe for human living spaces.

Your family, friends, customers, and employees will enjoy fresh, clean air that is virtually free from the harmful germs, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants that can cause discomfort and illness.


An advanced electrostatic filter keeps the units clean and filters out any leftover particles magnetized from the ionization process.


Negative ions cause particles of dust and bacteria to clump together and fall to the floor, so they are not recirculated back into the air.


This technology breaks apart particles, VOCs, and odor particulants using ozone, destroying pollutants. This setting can be customized to the size of your space.


PCO technology produces a plasma that breaks down odors, mold, bacteria, and other pollutants, and reduces dangerous pathogens by over 99% in 24 hours.


Will it kill Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Our products will help reduce the amount of viruses and other indoor pollutants by keeping your air and surfaces clean and sanitized. Unlike filters, which are ineffective at trapping or inactivating viruses, active technologies inactivate pathogens and break down harmful chemicals in the air and on surfaces using oxygen and hydrogen-based oxidizers, the same oxidizers found in nature.

However, the FTC has made it very clear that, at this time, no person or company can make any claim of any kind specific to COVID-19.
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