Twin Intermediate Line

Hague Twin Intermediate Line (TIL)

Ensure your business has quality water with the Hague Twin Intermediate Line (TIL). The TIL water treatment system is designed for light commercial usage such as car washes, gyms, offices, laundromats, dairy farms, restaurants and laboratories and can easily expand as your business grows. Six different models of the TIL are available with varying flow rates from 9.25 to 37 gpm.

TIL Design

The TIL is designed for easy installation and easy expansion. The elegantly simple patented valve design features a 1” top mounted valve that allows high water flow rates. The maximum resin bed depth allows for longer water contact resulting in more effective filtering and salt usage. With the energy-miser controller the system will only use 10 to 15 cents of electricity per month. The meter initiated regeneration only regenerates as needed to save you water and salt. Our corrosion proof tanks add to the already long-lasting design of the TIL.

Payment Plans at 0% Interest Available

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