Hague UltraMax

The eco-friendly Hague UltraMax is the ideal water filtration system where softening is not required. This residential, salt-free system removes foul tastes and odors from your water. Unlike typical inline filters, the UltraMax backwashes contaminants out of the system, so it is always filtering your water at the highest level possible. The UltraMax is guaranteed to take out chlorine for 10 years.

Activated Carbon

The activated carbon in the UltraMax works to reduce and eliminate man-made and organic chemicals, foul smells and odors.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) recognizes activated carbon as the best technology to reduce chemicals in water.


The chlorastat is used in the UltraMax to reduce chlorine and heavy metals in your water.

Built-In Filter

Filter replacements are not required with the UltraMax because of its built-in, self-cleaning 20-micron filter that eliminates sediment and dirt.

Payment Plans at 0% Interest Available

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