Use up to 50% less salt with the Hague WaterMax vs. conventional softeners. The WaterMax is the most efficient residential water softener in the world. It uses up to 80% less water during regeneration (cleaning cycle) and does it in substantially less time.

WaterMax Design

WaterMax is in a class of its own with its unique three compartment media tank capable of treating multiple water issues in one compact system.

Beginning with a built-in, self-cleaning, 20-micron filter you will never have to change this filter again. WaterMax is custom built to treat your water with over 80 configurations available. WaterMax uses KDF (copper-zinc granules) media to effectively reduce heavy metals, chlorine, sulfur and bacteria.

Hague’s patented directional flow screens provide permanent divisions between compartments allowing each media to do its job. Beginning with the water dispersion baffle in the top, these flow screens allow water flow to the entire media bed for maximum efficiency and water quality. Our exclusive flow screens ensure media stays where it needs to be, allowing WaterMax to regenerate much faster than other water treatment systems.

WaterMax Features

WaterMax is built superior with its smart touch controller, patented control valve, patented tank design and directional flow screens. Made in the U.S.A. and backed by a 25 Year Limited Warranty, you can count on the WaterMax to last for decades to come.

Payment Plans at 0% Interest Available

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